Laser & Waterjet

Yarbrough Industries is on top of the trends when it comes to the best laser and waterjet cutting technology. We want to provide you optimum value, highest quality and the best turnaround times. We have incorporated a new laser in our process to give you more affordable pricing and still provide faster lead times. We are available for both high-quantity orders and small orders. Contact Us Today! 

Our 4500 Watt CO2 Laser

Offers Incredible Power and Speed

In addition to the power and speed, our laser allows us the option of using nitrogen or oxygen gas. This allows us to quickly produce clean and accurate parts at competitive rates. Using nitrogen gas removes the secondary processes that would be needed to prep the edge of parts for welding, painting, and forming. We can also etch part names or numbers directly on the part. For your convenience, we stock all types of material, but we are happy to cut materials provided by our customers as well.

Some incredible features of this laser are:

  • Two large cutting beds of 60”x120”
  • Cutting carbon steel from thin sheets to 1” thick
  • Cutting stainless steel with nitrogen from thin sheets to ⅜” thick
  • Cutting aluminum with nitrogen from thin sheets to ¼” thick
  • Etching on all material types for heat/part number tracking
  • Stainless, carbon, abrasion resistant (AR), tool steel, and aluminum

Waterjet Cutting

Let us take care of your tasks

Yarbrough Industries waterjet is extremely advanced, making it one of the most precise, productive, and versatile machines in the industry. The intensifier pump has the ability to create up to 90,000 psi of water pressure to push garnet abrasive at speeds of mach3. This power combined with CNC accuracy allows us to provide top quality parts in almost any material.

Some incredible features of our waterjet are:

  • Large plate capability, 72” x 144”
  • Cuts thin or thick material, 003” up to 6” thick
  • Cuts five to ten times faster than EDM
  • .030 kerf, much smaller than milling for efficient material usage
  • Cutting tolerance of 0.001”
  • No heat affected zone
  • Cuts nearly any material: Stainless steel, carbon steel, tool steel, abrasion resistant steel, aluminum, copper, brass, rubber, plastic, wood, glass, ceramic, concrete, fiberglass, gasket, and shim stock
  • Can be used as a secondary process for pre-machined parts such as pipe flanges, tooling plates, tank head, and tank bottoms
  • Programming is quick and minimal fixturing is required
  • Perfect choice for “blanking” parts before secondary processing

Yarbrough Industries for Your

Laser and Waterjet Cutting Needs

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