Yarbrough Industries has been offering Southwest Missouri the best in fabrication, machining, and hydraulic services since our founding in 1946. Yarbrough Industries is renowned for their exceptional customer service and their extensive experience. Our staff is highly trained and ready to see any project or repair to fruition. We offer the widest variety of industrial services in Southwest Missouri.


At Yarbrough Industries, our machining department will give you quick and accurate machining and machine repair services. Our highly qualified machinists will meet any specifications that you need done. Our machine repair service also offers unparalleled results. We use both CNC and Manual Mills and Lathes to optimize your results and give you the best value possible. We can custom make many different parts for many different industrial applications.


Yarbrough Industries has invented a line of pallet handling products to optimize your business. Our pallet dispensers reduce pallet damage while improving employee safety and morale. Our machines are built to last. We can make your company a better, more efficient, and safer place to work!


Yarbrough Industries can find or repair any hydraulic part that you may need. We have extensive knowledge on hydraulic repairs and parts. We offer hydraulic pump repair, as well as repairs for many other hydraulic components. We have a motto “If we can’t fix it, pitch it.” If we can’t repair something, it’s more than likely beyond repair. We’ll quickly find you the exact part you need to get your machines operating again. We have great relations with many manufacturers and are a full-line distributor for some top brands in the industry.


Yarbrough Industries will assist you in your entire design and fabrication process for any project you can dream up. We do prototypes, short runs, long runs, and assemblies. We work with a variety of materials and the latest technology to give you the exact results you want.

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Latest News

Latest News!

Yarbrough Industries had a new Cincinnati press brake “flown in” to provide even higher quality bent parts at competitive prices.  This new machine is the

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Is Hydraulic Efficiency a Myth?

Many detractors sneer at the idea of hydraulic efficiency, right-sizing components, proper system design and modern technology can go a long way to achieving system efficiency. Piston

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Yarbrough Industries prides itself on our quality and customer service. When we receive a new customer, we want to do business with them for years ahead. Our current customers can attest to our dedication and commitment to meeting their every need. Our business thrives thanks to our repeat customers, and we do our absolute best to make sure you are completely satisfied with our services. If you have any questions for us, please contact us or browse our website to learn more. We look forward to doing business with you!